30th January
These pages are a rolling diary of the changes and events in the garden for the year 2020 in words and pictures.
September to December
In 2019 we bought three citrus trees which overwintered indoors in their pots. The flowers have a wonderful scent on all three but so far only the lime tree has set fruit, and it is a long process. Well worth it though - even the zest tasted good as there was no preservative sprayed on it. Kept us in lime slices for the G&Ts for eight days!
The gunneras have grown a lot in 2020 and have produced their versions of flowers which are a bit strange to say the least! Both plants are thriving in the slightly boggy ground in the north west corner. Quite near the septic tank…
A new bed has been created in front of the pagoda, and populated with some new plants as well as incorporating the rapidly growing viburnum bush. The hardy banana plant is now in the ground just in front of the yakushimanum rhododendron which is supposed to flower in May, which it did last year. This was taken on 2nd October and it is just starting to bloom. Some mistake surely? The crocosmia on the right was rescued from the dismantled raised bed in front of the kitchen.
8th October. The canna freed from its pot and given room in the old magnolia bed has grown far bigger than we expected, and is still putting up flower shoots. Because the sun is so much lower and the house is in the way it now gets no sun at all all day, but doesn’t seem to be suffering. The big prunus tree in the copse is losing its leaves, and their red colour behind the magnolia stellata and rhododendron shows the huge width this tree has.
14th October, a new tree planted. This is an Indian Golden Rain tree which is a bit different for us. Still has green leaves but it is starting to drop some. A bit less grass to mow!
18th October and the wildflower patch has been strimmed and cut ready to overwinter. We’ll sow new seeds next Spring. The polytunnel now has a raised bed which is being filled with soil from the dismantled bed by the front door. We hope to grow root crops like carrots and parsnips here, plenty of depth. And further for the slugs to climb.