The garden is of course seasonal and we try to keep a photographic record of trees and shrubs we think make a big impact when they flower.
In April the flowering cherry and magnolia stellata were flowering at the same time (top left) and later we had the small azalea shrubs (moving clockwise), one of the three magnolias and finally the newly planted pear trees before the unwelcome attention of the deer.
Silver birch and the prunus on a sunny day, 29th April 2016.
In May the three camellias are in full bloom, this one above is beside the front door. The rhododendrons get going although one blooms later and one not at all - maybe it was planted in too shady a position. The star is probably the big orange azalea facing the main road, makes directions to our house quite easy.
June is notably a ‘gap’ month for blooms in the garden, rather the transition from spring to summer plants. The cornus kousa helps to bridge the gap with its display of white flowers that last for weeks.
The hydrangeas start to bloom in July, this is a deep blue lacecap (right). We think this bed has seven different hydrangea shrubs, and there is another in the north- west corner. The crocosmia (below) is underneath the camellia by the front door.
The hydrangea in the north west corner is in a very shady spot and is the last of the hydrangeas to bloom. Some way further into the corner is a rhododendron which hasn’t flowered since we’ve been here, it is completely overshadowed by trees on the Devon bank next to the road.
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As a contrast to the shrubs and flowers planted under some kind of control, the Japanese Anenomes next to the gunpowder store just appear out of the gravel on the driveway and cheer up September for us.
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