8th February. Snowdrop clumps are flowering in many places, many that we didn’t see last year because this time we’ve cleared most of the autumn leaf fall. The daffodils behind will be flowering soon too.
Hellebores are flowering too in the raised bed in front of the house. Many are growing in the stones on the drive but the rabbits haven’t touched them. Yet.
18th February. This pieris is in full bloom, they grow really well in our acid soil. I have read that they shouldn’t be pruned, but I did prune one a few years ago and it seemed to thrive on it so maybe some of the straggling branches on this one  will benefit from the same treatment. I hope…
Magnificent magnolias. 25th March and welcome sunshine after a spell of wet days. The prunus is starting to flower as well, but the daffodils and the pieris are a bit past their best.
4th May, the orange azalea to the right is in full flower a couple of weeks earlier than last year, likewise the red rhododendron on the left. Some severe weather knocked the blooms around and that with the late frost meant neither bush lasted in flower as long as we would have liked.