31st March 2019
Two swallows appeared on the evening of the 30th but haven’t taken up residence yet. On the ground rabbits have decimated the snake’s head fritillaries just as they were coming into flower. We’ve put a low fence around the main bed to try and keep them out. The prunus blossom has been exceptional this year, the bees love it. Our two hives of bees are due to buzz in towards the end of May, the owners have already erected the base for them.
Beds 3, 4 and 5. Bed 3 has garlic planted last October growing, bed 4 has onions showing that were planted earlier this month and bed 5 is ready for the seed potatoes that are chitting in the potting shed. Bed 2 on the left will be home to runner beans and peas a bit later in the year. Bed 1 is ‘resting’ this year which makes it the ideal spot to park pot plants before we decide where to plant them out.
Inside the polytunnel we’ve put up two hanging shelves with wire netting bases. The seedlings are kept well out of the way of the maurauding slug population, although on that front we are about to give all the beds a second dose of nematodes to control the slugs naturally. Also a frog has lived for some time in here and is probably doing his/her bit to help!
The taxus that lived in a pot all our time in Warwick is thriving here after being put into the ground, so we’ve found a matching plant and finally managed to dig out the big campanula that occupied the spot. That has been divided up and a smaller part put back in this bed. Changes here were started because it seemed that we needed to move the heating oil tank, so I dug a flat bed the size of the tank to start a concrete base. Then the fuel oil company advised me it wasn’t necessary so we are left with an open space we didn’t need! Plan is now to put a small retaining wall across the bed and have the acers planted in the lower space.