31st December 2019
A round-up of the last three months of 2019.
The laurel planted in late 2015 to provide a screen from the road has grown to match the height of the mixed beech and hawthorn already existing. Cutting down the old hazel trees - probably never intended as trees - helped provide more light and better growth. Once going laurel seems to grow very quickly so has proved ideal and is being used elsewhere in the garden. This was 18th October.
The field gained a new stock fence against our east and south boundaries, and about 60 cows were brought in. Always curious as to what we were doing in the garden, they especially liked bonfires and would gather to stick their heads over the fence and watch. And eat anything they could reach. I asked Adrian the farmer to move the old wire fencing left as the cows would get tangled in it. He did.
Another 50 laurel saplings were bought and planted on 8th November along the east boundary, hoping to repeat the success of the roadside laurels. The rabbits have largely left the saplings alone apart from one that we grew from a cutting, and that has had to be protected. We thought laurel was poisonous but seems not to our rabbits.
The eight beehives are supposedly housing resting bees until next spring, however we’ve seen bees about now and again if the sun is out and it isn’t too wet and cold. There is almost always something in flower in the garden somewhere for them, we just hope they survive as cold and damp are not ideal bee conditions, and we’ve had plenty this winter.