23rd March. Preparation of the patch for 2018 has been during the supposed Spring rather than Autumn 2017. The mower cut the grass down, then it was raked to remove loose grass. The strimmer was used to go over the patch twice to achieve the advised brown earth starting point. We hope at least some of the flower seeds from last year will appear, but all three beds have had a full sowing of new seeds plus Emily’s Seedballs. Still ongoing is removing overhanging tree branches.
Early June and at last we see wildflowers blooming - there are three patches of oxeye daisies. The yellow rattle is abundant and will soon flower also. We have had to discourage the knapweed, it is a bit of a thug getting everywhere and overwhelming the beds.
Bird’s-foot trefoil Lotus corniculatus
Ox-eye daisy Leucanthemum vulgare
Wild carrot Daucus carota
Common knapweed Centaurea nigra
Yarrow Achillea Millefolium
Corncockle Agrostemma githago
Cornflower Centaurea cyanus
Sneezewort Achillea ptarmica
Musk mallow Malva moschata
Corn marigold Glebionis segetum
Sheep’s sorrel Rumex acetosella
These flowers have appeared and been identified in 2018. Not all were planted in 2018 however, some were in the initial seeding of 2016 and have only just appeared. Also some have appeared briefly and just as quickly disappeared again - poppies for instance. More different species are still showing up and we may have missed some as the centre bed is densely packed with knapweed. We keep looking! Below is the lower patch on 13th July, giving us a feel that we may be getting the variety we hoped for.
Yellow rattle Rhinanthus minor