30th January
These pages are a rolling diary of the changes and events in the garden for the year 2024 in words and pictures.
January to April
15th January, work has started on modifying the layout of the polytunnel beds. The path on the side with the folding tray is being moved inwards as it is difficult to navigate when the centre bed is full of rampant tomatoes and cucumbers. The raised bed will be moved to the centre bed to try and further discourage the mice and voles who trough through the carrots and parsnips in it. Also the power point is being made more stable and a spur installed for the greenhouse.
24th January, the greenhouse base is essentially finished. The batten supports will be taken off and the growing bed partly filled with soil before the greenhouse itself is put up. Constant wet weather, made worse by a few nights of below freezing temperatures, made the ground very sticky. Did manage to get rid of a lot of rubble under the slabs though, naturally all barrowed uphill by hand.
Another project plagued by the weather was the yew hedge that is replacing the horrible hawthorn. Work on planting the saplings has been stop-start since they arrived last November. 30th January was finally dry enough for us to plant the last eleven in some of the stoniest soil we’ve found in this stony garden. All was supervised by the ever-present robin who sang to us as an encouragement to find him/her more worms.
Frogspawn, 31st January. Never seen it this early in the pond, usually towards the end of February. Weather looks set to get cold again so wonder why this has happened? What do the frogs know that we don’t?